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Impact numbers

Infographic of WSCADV 2020 statistics. Information reads "7600 helping professionals trained. 87 virtual trainings, 723 conference attendees, +300 coaches trained for Team Up WA. Resources distributed to communities and survivors: +9000 protective masks to programs, $1.4 million in emergency financial assitance, 993 families recieved flexible financial assistance."

The year 2020 required all of our energy and creativity to quickly switch all of our in-person trainings and events to digital platforms. We are incredibly grateful to have reached 7,600 advocates, educators, and other helping professionals through our:

  • 87 virtual trainings on topics ranging from the economic impacts of COVID-19 on survivors of abuse to legal advocacy and violence prevention in these times.
  • First ever completely virtual conference! Our 723 attendees participated in 25 workshops, three keynote addresses, and four days of inspiration, connection, and learning.
  • Virtual Team Up Washington events for high school coaches to have the tools they need to mentor student athletes on ending gender-based violence.

We also mobilized to get critical resources distributed to communities and survivors across our state. Our efforts included:

Flexible financial assistance for survivors helped ‘Sonja’ pay an unexpected insurance bill, allowing her to stay current with her rent and continue on her pathway to safety.

advocate at a domestic violence program