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Engaging the Public

Group of women and children smiling at the camera. They are participating in the 2020 Refuse To Abuse 5K. They are wearing purple and holding a sign that says YWCA GBV Divas #BlackLivesMatter. They are also holding signs that have violence prevention messages on them.

Just three weeks into 2020, Washington became the first state to have a confirmed case of COVID-19. The country turned to us to see how the pandemic was impacting survivors. We saw the critical role friends and family were playing as “first responders” to loved ones in an abusive relationship and responded immediately by distributing concrete tools, like our Friends and Family Guide in English and Spanish, on how to stay connected and provide support even when we had to stay physically distant. We also converted our community educational tools into digital formats, and engaged over 1,000 participants in our first ever virtual Refuse To Abuse 5K sending a powerful message to survivors: You are not alone.

Our community education and engagement included: