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Board of Directors

Group of ten people comprising the 2022 Board of Directors
  • Mohammed Akmoosh, Iraqi Community Center of Washington (Kent)
  • Holly Campbell, Washington State University (Palouse) – Chair
  • Kiantha Duncan, NAACP Spokane (Spokane)
  • Reynaldo “JoJo” Gaon, Rainier Valley Corps (Seattle)
  • Julie Jewell, Crisis Support Network (Raymond)
  • Neelam Khaki, API Chaya (Seattle) – Vice Chair
  • Beverly Lee, Mariposa House (Forks)
  • Elana Mainer, Rural People’s Platform (Winthrop)
  • Gricelda Ohrazda, Children’s Home Society (Wenatchee)
  • Caty Padilla, Nuestra Casa (Sunnyside)
  • Terique Scott, League of Education Voters (Seattle)
  • Tanika Siscoe, YWCA Clark County – SafeChoice (Vancouver) – Recorder
  • Sherrie Tinoco, Emergency Support Shelter (Longview) – Treasurer
  • Emily Washines, Native Friends (Toppenish)