three multi-ethnic women under blue skyThe goal of every project at WSCADV is to amplify the voices of survivors. No matter what the topic, our projects support:

  • what survivors need to overcome abuse
  • what systems (e.g. police, housing authorities, CPS) need to support survivors
  • what communities need in order to go beyond simply raising awareness, to actually ending domestic violence.

Projects Overview

Domestic Violence Housing First

Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children. Domestic Violence Housing First is working to create a world where housing is no longer a reason to stay in an abusive relationship.

Economic Justice

We believe women and girls should have access to money, housing, childcare, and education so they can make decisions about their relationships without regard for the financial impact of those decisions.

Fatality Review

Learn about Washington State’s innovative Domestic Violence Fatality Review model and find up-to-date statistics and research.

Immigrant Justice

Survivors tell us that immigration status and cultural isolation are major barriers to getting safe. We offer tools for advocates working to minimize these barriers.

Leadership Development

WSCADV helps domestic violence programs with the business of running themselves. We promote visionary leadership, management excellence, practical skills, and mentoring of the next generation of skilled leaders.

Legal Advocacy Project

We provide training and support to legal advocates to help them understand how the legal system works, how to help survivors navigate the legal system, and how to advocate within the legal system on behalf of survivors.

Preventing Violence

Domestic violence is preventable. Here are some tools and resources to help you play a role in stopping this violence before it starts.

Public Policy

WSCADV’s public policy advocacy includes working for improved laws, helping our members communicate with their legislators, and educating our members on changes in state and federal law.

Refuse To Abuse®

Refuse To Abuse® is a partnership between the Seattle Mariners and the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence to take a stand against domestic violence and promote healthy, respectful relationships.

Reproductive Justice

WSCADV is addressing the link between reproductive and sexual coercion and violence against women and girls.

Shelter Support

WSCADV provides support and peer learning opportunities for people running a domestic violence shelter.

Statistics & Research

Find up-to-date statistics and research on domestic violence.