New Report on Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women & Girls

A new report by the Urban Indian Health Institute (UIHI) documents murdered and missing indigenous women and girls in 71 cities. Seventy-one cases identified were in Washington State, the second highest of 10 states included in the analysis. Forty-five of those cases were in Seattle, the highest number of the 71 cities surveyed. The report, […]

Domestic Violence Fatalities

Every single life lost to domestic violence is one too many. In WA state last year there were 55 domestic violence-related fatalities (35 homicides and 20 abuser suicides). This table includes the number of domestic violence fatalities by county for the past 21 years. We study and report on this because it isn’t just data. […]

Does Marriage Make Women Safer?

Does being married make women less vulnerable to abuse? Does marriage make it harder to get away from a violent partner? The relationships between marriage, violence, economic and legal ties are complicated. But the recent discussion has sparked questions about how marriage factors into domestic violence homicide in Washington State. Here is a snapshot of what […]

Women Under The Gun: How Gun Violence Affects Women And 4 Policy Solutions To Better Protect Them

Women Under the Gun: How gun violence affects women and 4 policy solutions to better protect them A new report from the Center for American Progress points to gaps in state and federal law that leave domestic violence victims vulnerable to lethal gun violence. The report analyzes data from many state and federal sources, including the Washington […]

Intimate Partner Violence Fast Facts

From the CNN website is a roundup of background information and stats on domestic violence: Domestic (Intimate Partner) Violence Fast Facts

Which Mass Shootings Are Counted?

The way you define a “mass shooting” makes a big difference in the number. Some counts exclude all domestic violence homicides from their definitions. This article from Huffington Post is more expansive.

Powerful Story About Guns and Domestic Violence

A powerful story this week in Parent Map, “Normal from the Outside: A Family’s Story of Guns and Domestic Violence” by Rory Graves. “Police seized 24 guns and hundreds of rounds of ammo from my mom and John’s home after the shooting. Unless new legislation passes in our state, my mother may have no legal […]

In Some States, Guns Trump Protection Orders

By analyzing a number of Washington databases, The New York Times identified scores of gun-related crimes committed by people subject to recently issued civil protection orders, including murder, attempted murder and kidnapping. In at least five instances over the last decade, women were shot to death less than a month after obtaining protection orders. In […]